Pollution: The New Fountain Of Youth?

The government wants to ease restrictions on use of radiation. Instead of just DOING that and telling you WHY they are doing that… Instead – They are about to start a media campaign that tells you Actually... a little radiation is quite GOOD for you!”.

You will see this on the news at some point. “You need MORE radiation!” reported as FACT. A few months later you will see the headline:

I have lots of friends who work at oil & gas drilling sites. A couple of friends who do medical stuff. I recon this might be bad news for them.

But that’s not why I am here. I am here to show you a cool video.

I’m always interested in what the military is up to, and since a Chinese warship and an American warship almost collided with each other recently, I found THIS VIDEO to be an interesting window into that certain small aspect of what’s happening over there.

What do YOU think?