• Will! I don’t know how deep into the technical stuff on this site you’re into but your RSS feed only gets updated with one article every few days/once a week. Long story short RSS and news readers allow people to aggregate sites they follow into lists with headlines that have links to their websites that lead to said headline’s article. Would love if your feed was updated more often. No clue if it’s a WordPress option?

    • Hey! Obviously I have NO idea what im doing. I am like your parents. “How do I work this thing?” Can you recommend a cheap alternative way for me to have this thing run the way I WANT it to? I want to be able to post stories but also have some stuff aggregated automatically because I am lazy and busy!! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

      • I think I understand what’s happening (the stuff that you pick/comment on gets posted to RSS feeds and the automatic articles don’t) and after doing a tiny bit of research I don’t think there’s much you can do without some extra technical know-how. I wouldn’t worry about it. I used to make websites but I’ve fallen behind on how people make the sites they do these days. As for a cheap alternative – you have your domain name already so that’s paid for I assume. I’ve never used WordPress but I believe that’s free. And I tried figuring out the service you’re using to aggregate your stories but I couldn’t figure that out. I’m pretty sure if you asked on here/your Instagram then one of your more knowledgable fans would be more helpful than I. Anyway I appreciate what you do – keep up the good work!

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