Ahhh... Remember the good old days? 

The weather was determined by nature…. Man landed on the moon… and the Earth was ROUND!

Early Greek philosophers alluded to a spherical Earth.. and of course Magellan and/or Enrique were sailing completely around the thing back in the 1500’s… but – In 2018 we find ourselves DEBATING the shape of the Earth!

Can you IMAGINE going back in time and telling your 4th grade self “In the future, lots of people will think the Earth is flat!”

What is the opposite of the Age Of Enlightenment?

Are we now in the AGE OF DECEPTION?

Why are INSANE conspiracy theories being taken seriously now?

One huge contributing factor is pointed out by TV host Chris Hayes in THIS INTERESTING TWITTER POST that talks about how one of the most popular destinations on the internet uses an algorithm that leads people down the path to stupidity. 

Scientifically- You are prone to believe horsecrap if you are a person who is susceptible to what is called teleological thinking …where you think that every RESULT is the cause of the actions leading to that result. (To simplify it: “everything happens for a reason”.) 

But I 100% believe that ALL of us have the ability to discern truth from lies. If you don’t let outside forces enter the equation. If you simply sit somewhere quiet and think “What is the TRUTH of this matter? What is the RIGHT thing to do here?” You will KNOW the answer.

Whether it is learned or instinct- We ALL have the intellectual process and internal knowledge to inherently know ‘murder is wrong’. We KNOW stealing is wrong. We KNOW hurting others is wrong. You CAN use that same force to know what is the RIGHT thing to do in ANY situation. 

And if THAT doesn’t work for you, maybe you should try Occam’s razor. Basically:



NOW- Here are some NON-PARTISAN RESOURCES for your research that you WILL be doing:

But the long-time truth-preaching beacon of the internet has ALWAYS been: 

  • SNOPES.com Remember all those stories you heard in fourth grade? That email warning about gangs that your mom forwarded to you? That person at work who knows everything? SNOPES is the resource you need for EVERYTHING.



1- RESEARCH the topic. Look at BOTH sides of an issue. REALLY listen to the other side. Put yourselves in their shoes and understand how they came to that conclusion.

2- Don’t trust me… or a newscaster.. or a politician… or family member/friend. Instead-Trust yourself. Get past all the CRAP and just SEE the truth.

It’s there … if you want it. 

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  • Oh yeah. ONE MORE THOUGHT [often used in the medical feild when talking about the concept of patient diagnostics:  
    “When you hear hoof beats, think horses- NOT zebras!”

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