One of the most AMAZING musical performances I’ve ever seen.

Yes. This is the Concert for George featuring Prince on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps“.

Have you seen it? Well… WATCH IT AGAIN!

Many people fail to mention the person who was closest to George Harrison on the stage that night: George’s sone Dhani Harrison.

Dhani once told me that the person he had played guitar with the MOST in his like (aside from his dad) was Jeff Lynne.. also on the stage that night. Dhani has also mentioned growing up with Tom Petty always around (also on the stage)… and Steve Winwood is there… but the real show-stealer was PRINCE! He plays a solo that HAS to be inspired by God (or the Devil) and then does a magic trick. He’s all like “done” and launches his guitar into outer space where it is never scene again! Incredible!

Now- This was all taking place at a MEMORIAL event for George Harrison. Should Prince have played more ‘respectfully’? Maybe he should not have been so ‘showy’ and flamboint?

The answer… is on the face of Dhani Harrison. This is taking place exactly ONE YEAR after his father’s death… but Dhani (you will recognize him as being the one that looks exactly like a young George Harrison) is absolutely so delighted with the Prince perfomance… he LAUGHS! He can NOT beleive what he is seeing!

BTW: You can check out Dhani Harrison and his band as they are the current opening band on Jeff Lynne’s ELO tour!

Enjoy the video!

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