The Nutcracker Suite

a.k.a. “Crystal Balls”

How many things in life can you TRULY say are both painful and hilarious? Yes.. That’s right. Today we are focusing on the TV show of the future“Ow My Balls”! It was just a small part of genius Mike Judge and his Nostradamus-like predictions in the movie IDIOCRACY!


If you haven’t seen Idiocracy... STOP reading this and stream it right now! *SPOLIER* Basically, visionary Mike Judge predicted what 2505 would be like. And he NAILED IT! But Mike Judge is very humble. In this interview with Time Magazine, he says ā€œIā€™m no prophet. I was off by 490 years.ā€

Like a kick to the testicles which is both hilarious and painful, Idiocracy is both painful and hilarious. If you have NOT seen it, you MUST watch it TODAY.

Still from the Mike Judge Movie “IDIOCRACY”

Now… on to the punting of the privates, the booting of the boys and the smacking of the scrotal region.

Today’s post all started with U.K. cricket star Liam Livingstone and his newsworthy crotch crunch

It happened MULTIPLE times….

This sent me down a rabbit hole of wanton bollocks beat-downs. I laughed. I cried.


What do YOU think?