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Never before in the KISSTORY of KISS has anything EVER been more… KISSY!

That is SOME proclamation… but I CHALLENGE you to find ANYTHING MORE KISSY!

October 29, 1976: ABC TV broadcasts The Paul Lynde Halloween Special.. featuring Tim ConwayRoz KellyFlorence Henderson,  Billy Barty as Gallows the Butler, Betty White and, in a surprise appearance by Donny and Marie Osmond!

The special aired only once.

Ladies and gentlemen! I now present to you: PAUL LYNDEThe Wicked Witch of the WestWilhelmina W. Witchiepoo … and KISS in:

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special!

THAT Hole Looks Like FUN!

…and maybe just a LITTLE dangerous?


NOW… Here is other stuff exploding:


About 1:20.. You will see WHY you should not be ANYWHERE near a chemical plant fire. [especially with your KID!]

Obviously there is no pleasure in anyone getting hurt. From a scientific point of view, it is just AMAZING to see the difference in speed between SOUND & VISION. (Bowie reference) PLUS- Look for the shockwave. It’s insane.

Pendarvis wrote this!
Pendarvis wrote this!


A note about Alzheimer’s & Aging & Love

Recently, the mother of my friend Tony Hawk passed away. She had Alzheimer’s. It’s something I know a little bit about. When I was a teen, my great grandmother with Alzheimer’s lived with us. It’s extremely difficult to watch someone lose their entire life. It was even more difficult on my mom who is the saint who had to undress, bathe, dress, and take her to the bathroom. (and SO much more)

BUTThe video below is different. It touches on these things.. but in the end- It will leave you with some perspective on your own life.

Do yourself a favor. It’s only 10 minutes.. and it will have an impact on how you view all those trivial things that seem SO important right now.

Pendarvis wrote this!
Pendarvis wrote this!


IMHO – Hollywood does NOT represent Los Angeles in a positive way. I hear comments all the time from tourists about how ‘disappointing‘ and ‘shocking‘ and ‘dirty‘ it is.

I believe there is ONE person who can help change all this:


I don’t know Arnold! I don’t know how to reach him! I also don’t think Arnold or any other star knows what Hollywood is really like! They only see the ‘red carpet’ side! So- Here’s the plan.

SOMEBODY has GOT to show this video to Arnold! I am SURE if he sees it, he will get in touch with me and I can tell him my plan of how we FIX HOLLYWOOD!

Arnold is perfect for this. He has lived the American dream and is an American icon. He is a Hollywood success story, powerful in political circles and THIS WILL BE HIS LEGACY!

Arnold. The man who fixed Hollywood.

It has a nice ring to it.

SO- Someone show this video to Arnold! I did NOT include much about the scam artists, pushers, crazy people and other scary encounters tourists are bombarded with. This is strictly about the physical condition of the most famous sidewalk in the world. AND- Basically- it is all one unedited shot… so you can get a realistic picture of what it looks like out here.

Arnold. Hit me up!


The Nutcracker Suite

a.k.a. “Crystal Balls”

How many things in life can you TRULY say are both painful and hilarious? Yes.. That’s right. Today we are focusing on the TV show of the future“Ow My Balls”! It was just a small part of genius Mike Judge and his Nostradamus-like predictions in the movie IDIOCRACY!


If you haven’t seen Idiocracy... STOP reading this and stream it right now! *SPOLIER* Basically, visionary Mike Judge predicted what 2505 would be like. And he NAILED IT! But Mike Judge is very humble. In this interview with Time Magazine, he says “I’m no prophet. I was off by 490 years.”

Like a kick to the testicles which is both hilarious and painful, Idiocracy is both painful and hilarious. If you have NOT seen it, you MUST watch it TODAY.

Still from the Mike Judge Movie “IDIOCRACY”

Now… on to the punting of the privates, the booting of the boys and the smacking of the scrotal region.

Today’s post all started with U.K. cricket star Liam Livingstone and his newsworthy crotch crunch

It happened MULTIPLE times….

This sent me down a rabbit hole of wanton bollocks beat-downs. I laughed. I cried.


#Fetusinfetu by HATEBEAN


It’s been about 4 years since Hatebean first entered the scene… and then left the scene (only to return a few minutes later because it forgot its car keys, but then it promptly left again without even saying goodbye to the host).

Today we look back upon the Hatebean World Tour, the release of #FetusInFetu, fan reaction and critical acclaim for what one person has called “a band”.

Designed as “an audio graphic novel”, Hatebean‘s FetusInFetu album tells the post-apocalyptic story of Dirt Bones – a man born with a twin… within….


hatebean world tour shirt
The HATEBEAN World Tour shirt (reverse)

Music Critic Hunter Young wrote – “Twining together the horrific nature of two minds inside one body, the narrative is quite cohesive and tells the story of the struggle from it’s hellacious beginning or their birth, to finish with the acceptance and reconciliation of the warring minds/souls to share the body.” [link to full review]


Music Writer Rick Jamm wrote – “Packed with stirring moments. One of HATEBEAN’s biggest skills — writing structurally complex songs while retaining simplicity – a similar trait also runs through Pink Floyd’s music.” (I have included a link to Pink Floyd in case you want to find out what those guys are all about) [link to full review]

Here are the MANY ways YOU can hear the HATEBEAN experience!


“I can truthfully say- This is one CD that absolutely 100% has songs on it”

-The New York Time

“I hate…. not hearing…. Hatebean… always…”

– New Music Express


-Rolling Stone


October 29th, 2019

If you have the time and like to READ/WATCH VIDEOS.. here’s some stuff I ran across today!

1- SCHOOL CAN BE HELL. [literally] ..or.. “How Demons Destroyed A Florida High School” (THis is a fairly long read, but fascinating.

2- Drop a can of food into boiling oil? WHY NOT!?!

FOOD CANS in OIL? Bad idea…



4- Man spends a WEEK with his life turned UPSIDE DOWN!

I’m gonna get carsick.

5- Why do Women ALWAYS seem to go for the ‘BAD BOYS’?!?! FIND OUT HERE! …and you may be disturbed to learn the kind of guy they like!


Do you think the Moon landing was a hoax? I hope Buzz Aldrin punches you in the face, dummy! BUT- Because there are SO many people that believe the world is FLAT, I wanted to honor the courageous men who went to the moon, and the many men & women who worked on that amazing project!

But first- Let’s see what happens when you harass Buzz Aldrin AND his WIFE over and over and over again and call him a ‘coward’.


We HAD the technology to go to the moon… but NOT the technology to FAKE it!
STUPID people are interviewed… and then shamed appropriately.
This guy probably knows some sciency stuff…
This comes from NASA… so WHO KNOWS if it is real! Just kidding. It is real.
But don’t believe me! Find out for yourself!


Get yourself a high-powered laser … (or borrow one from a friend) and DO the Lunar Laser Ranging test!

…or – you know.. You CAN just IGNORE dummies.

APOLLO XI Landing Like You have Never Seen or Heard!

I was hypnotized by this video. I’ve never heard all com systems played in real time as Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.

If you are interested in space travel, NASA, science, technology… OR if you are a PILOT… Check it out!

Click here to Watch “Apollo 11: The Complete Descent” on YouTube

One of the most AMAZING musical performances I’ve ever seen.

Yes. This is the Concert for George featuring Prince on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps“.

Have you seen it? Well… WATCH IT AGAIN!

Many people fail to mention the person who was closest to George Harrison on the stage that night: George’s sone Dhani Harrison.

Dhani once told me that the person he had played guitar with the MOST in his like (aside from his dad) was Jeff Lynne.. also on the stage that night. Dhani has also mentioned growing up with Tom Petty always around (also on the stage)… and Steve Winwood is there… but the real show-stealer was PRINCE! He plays a solo that HAS to be inspired by God (or the Devil) and then does a magic trick. He’s all like “done” and launches his guitar into outer space where it is never scene again! Incredible!

Now- This was all taking place at a MEMORIAL event for George Harrison. Should Prince have played more ‘respectfully’? Maybe he should not have been so ‘showy’ and flamboint?

The answer… is on the face of Dhani Harrison. This is taking place exactly ONE YEAR after his father’s death… but Dhani (you will recognize him as being the one that looks exactly like a young George Harrison) is absolutely so delighted with the Prince perfomance… he LAUGHS! He can NOT beleive what he is seeing!

BTW: You can check out Dhani Harrison and his band as they are the current opening band on Jeff Lynne’s ELO tour!

Enjoy the video!

Everything about POOP you ever wanted to know.

How does your POOP measure up?

It’s really the only thing you do alone… and you can’t really compare battle stories with friends and family… so you MIGHT be doing something completely INSANE every time you poop, and you wouldn’t even know!

What do other cultures do? If you are at a party and need to poop, should you? On a date? On a FIRST date? At a job interview? Let’s answer all those questions and more!

I mean- You wouldn’t want to do something embarrassing when you’re alone in the bathroom, would you?

The Great American Poop-Off!

Let’s start off with the AMERICAN TOILET CONSENSUS so you can compare all aspects of your poop with what Americans consider ‘normal’.

The WORLD of Poop

Next… Let’s look at HOW PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD poop with these two stories:

…and the LEFTOVERS!

Are my living room urinals mounted too high?
QUESTION FOR THE ROOM: Are my living room urinals mounted too high?

The Best Dance Routine Ever Filmed?!

OK. I am NOT a dancer. If you have ever seen me, you would know that. I am also kind of an average man. I like movies where stuff blows up. I like fast cars. Gadgets. Action. Dark humor. BUT- I can’t help but be impressed when I see someone who can REALLY dance.

Gene KellyFred Astaire & Ginger Rogers … and NOW I know: The Nicholas Brothers! (Fayard and Harold Nicholas)

“It’s the greatest dancing I have ever seen on film”


I get winded just WATCHING this!

– Will

World War II was going on when this movie was released (1943). It’s called “Stormy Weather”. This dance number also features CAB CALLOWAY who is crazy fun to watch!

SO – ENJOY THIS… and “you’re welcome”!

The Nicholas Brothers in “Stormy Weather”


You can’t just ask a co-worker or friend. Besides- Everybody has their own little quirks about how they… take care of business.

So- Thanks to HEALTHLINE – You can now see into the bathrooms of your neighbors! [virtually. not literally.]

CLICK HERE for the TOTAL poop scoop!


Hims is damoon

“It’s The End of the World as We Know It…”

Coincidence… or Biblical Prophesy? I Report…I Decide!

Let’s take a look at some things happening in the news… and some Bible verses… and see if there is a connection!


Scientists have no idea WHY, but the Earth’s magnetic poles are shifting at an alarming rate! Why is that important? The Earth’s magnetic field is what allows humans to exist on Earth! Not only does it keep the Sun from burning us all up, but it also holds our atmosphere in place as well as our oceans!

Excerpt from Revelation 6:12-14 & Revelation 21: “When he opened the sixth seal, I looked, and behold… the sky vanished like a scroll that is being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place. …and the sea was no more”


A massive swarm of locusts plagued Mecca this week, prompting authorities at Islam’s holiest site. C’mon! LOCUSTS!?! What’s more Biblical than THAT?

Excerpt from Revelation 9: “Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given power like the power of scorpions of the earth. They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any green plant or any tree, but only those people who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.”


On Sunday, January 20, people in the Western Hemisphere will be able to experience the only total lunar eclipse of 2019… and it is a particularly SPECIAL one: It will be a super-rare “Super Blood Wolf Moon.” The Moon will appear to be HUGE in the sky, and whatdya know? It will look BLOOD RED!

Excerpt from Revelation 6:12-14: When he opened the sixth seal, I looked, and behold, there was a great earthquake, and …the full moon became like blood


Nickelback’s “All the Right Reasons” has gone diamond. The certification from the Recording Industry Association of America means the 2005 album has reached a combined 10 million in sales.

Excerpt from Revelation 93:12-13: “Then from the North came an unjoyful noise unto The Lord. And he saw it, and it was bad. For the its name was liken to getting one shekel returned, and its sounds were as a thousand vomiting monkeys. And the Lord said: Why should fools have money in hand to buy wisdom, when they are not able to understand it?”

I bought a bunch of water and I am driving out to Utah. So- If the world DOES NOT END on January 20th, I will be REALLY bummed.

Personal AI to fight EVIL AI!

This seems fairly insane on the surface, but in reality – we may soon have personal AI that monitors everything we do, to HELP us (instead of SELL to us).

This goes right along with my ‘Pathways of Technology Convergence” article I wrote a month ago.

To check out the full story of the AI that is working against you, and the AI that may fight FOR you, check out THIS ARTICLE on

You MUST be bored….
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