I am NOT a scientist. In fact- I am a big dummy. HOWEVER- I have been able to read and comprehend information about technology and data, and i have interpreted it in the following way.

I can’t help but conclude that there are 3 MAJOR DATA PATHS that are converging RIGHT NOW right in front of us.

Those 3 paths are:






There are a ton of companies and universities working on quantum computers. There is a definite split in how they are going about it. THIS ARTICLE from FORTUNE MAGAZINE talks about how Google and IBM are working on superconducting quantum computers, Intel and the University of South Wales are working on silicon quantum computers, Microsoft is working on a topological quantum computer, and others, such as IonQ, are working on trapped ion quantum computers.

In fact- Realistically, you may be able to BUY a consumer quantum computer in the next 10 years. 

What’s so special about quantum computers? 

You cannot even fathom the data-crunching POWER these things have! As the article from FORTUNE says:

Future iterations of these quantum computers will be able to solve mathematical problems ordinary computers have no hope of computing. They will vastly speed up classical calculations, accurately model complex natural phenomena like chemical reactions, and open as yet unexplored frontiers for scientific inquiry. 

Fortune 12/15/18


HAVE YOU SEEN these ‘people’ that have been created completely from the ‘imagination’ of Artificial Intelligence? 

These ‘photographs’ of ‘people’ are just what AI thinks ‘celebrities’ look like! Do these people NOT look like you should know them? 

This photo comes from TECH URDU.

You should read the TECHURDU article as it describes how AI is able to do some amazing ‘tricks’. The basics, from what i understand, are: You have one computer who tries to come up with a human face. A second computer looks at it and says “Nah. Look at the eyes. The eyes are all wrong! And look at those teeth! Those don’t look human!.. and the first computer says “OK. I’ll go back and try again”. This happens over and over until computer number 2 can’t distinguish the rendered fake person from a real one!

Also- Keep in mind: These computers can LEARN. As an example: One AI computer named AlphaZero taught itself how to play chess in FOUR HOURS before completely trouncing the world champion chess algorithm!… AND- It did it without any human teaching it. Basically- It read the chess rule book and figured out everything else itself! 


You can read about BIG DATA here… but just think for a moment about all the information that is ‘out there’ about you.

You use a shopper discount card at at the grocery or Target. They know what you buy. Maybe you have an arrest record? Ever been in a court of law? Got a traffic ticket? Written a letter to a representative? Commented about politics on social media? Just the info you put out there on social media is a TON of data! Pictures! Where are they stored? Ever use ‘the cloud‘ for storage? You DO know that there is data attached to those pictures, right? Exact time and location? Even the kind of camera you are using? There are birth certificates, death certificates, gun ownership, credit card statements correlated to a database of what you bought with your credit card. While we are at it, let’s cross-reference YOUR location with everyone else’s so we can see who you associate with. 

Then there is your email history. You don’t control that! You don’t even OWN that! Ever bought a house? Bought a car? What about your credit report? Doesn’t that have every place you have ever lived? The IRS database has every penny you reported since you started working. The DMV has info including how much you weigh.. but your FitBit or Apple Watch probably has WAY more health info. But what about your insurance company? Or go straight to the source, your doctor’s files

Traffic light cameras, security cameras, your own personal computer’s camera, your smartphone camera. You DO know that it has been PROVEN that your smart phone is ALWAYS listening, right? What about your ‘smart home’ devices like Alexa or Google Home? Those HAVE to listen to everything you do to be ready to go! JUST like SIRI and the ANDROID ASSISTANT. Even when you SPEAK to the assistant… What do you think happens? They keep a record of what words you said? NO!!! They keep a record of the words you said AND the ACTUAL RECORDING! So- If there is someone talking in the background, that is included in your record.

Imagine dictating a text message that says “Hey honey. I am stuck at work. I will call when I am free” and in the recording, in background you can strip club music and giggling? How much would THAT information be worth to your prospective father-in-law? 

AND- The BIG deep/dark secret that people STILL don’t seem to know about:

Have you ever checked your GOOGLE HISTORY? 

If not- You MUST stop what you are doing and go HERE:


…and THIS one [below] will tell you EXACTLY where you were and WHAT you were doing on ANY DAY of ANY YEAR!


So there are the THREE MAJOR DATA PATHS that I see converging.

The CRUNCHING POWER of quantum computing… the learning and REASONING POWER of artificial intelligence.. and ALL THAT DATA.

What does THAT equal? Soon- Everyone will be able to know more about you… than you currently know about yourself.

WAY more…

Pendarvis wrote this!

Say Goodbye to Hollywood


I give up. Hollywood wins.

Last night I witnessed Hollywood’s death rattle. It’s over. The people who are responsible for this part of Los Angeles have either lost the battle or given it up willingly. 

You can WATCH THE ABOVE VIDEO, but long story short: Last night I watched a guy assault tourists, women, men, locals, push people, knock people over, hit people… and NOBODY CARED. I tried to intervene but the guy had two other friends who wouldn’t allow it. Two Andrews International or Hollywood BID security officers stood by and watched. They said they had ‘already solved the problem’ while this guy is still assaulting people! Then they said it was ‘not their job’ and ‘He is on public property’. Multiple people BEGGED them to do something and in response, they were INSANELY rude and extremely dismissive. They actually gave one of those “shoo!” waves and every comment was met with a loud “Have a good evening sir! Have a good evening sir!” They were JUST about to leave when they finally decided to do the right thing: Go over and PUSH THE GUY DOWN.

…and with that, it was “Mission accomplished”! Job well done, fellas! Now go have a beer!

(They just left, of course). And, Of COURSE, the crazy guy just continues his reign of terror… and as a bonus- all in front of  little kids.

YES. I called the police. Later I called the police AGAIN. I stayed in the area for over an hour and LAPD never showed. To be fair: ONE #lapd car DROVE BY without stopping. (Probably on the way to the mystery meeting at the convenience store at Highland and Yucca where many of them congregate in a back room every single night). FYI- I have supported various police organizations my entire life, setting up funds for families of fallen officers and supporting a memorial for fallen officers. I have awards and accolades from departments ranging from New York City, to Washington DC, Houston, Memphis… in fact I was just talking to a friend of mine from the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force this morning.  YES LAPD is short on equipment… and staff …and pay. – But that is NO excuse for someone to be able to assault people without any impedance for over an hour in the most populous part of town!

Hollywood is the FACE of Los Angeles.

People travel from all over the world and bring their families. Tourists are responsible for a GIANT portion of the income of this city and the people in it. It SEEMS like it would be a good idea to take care of it. I guess not. It seems like they are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Why have a Christmas parade when people may step on hypodermic needles? Why host the Oscars when ALL of Hollywood is overrun with homeless people, gangsters and scam artists? Why focus so much time and effort on one night, when the other 364 nights are like this?

The stars on Hollywood Blvd are cracked and broken and dirty and embarrassing. PROOF?

Here is a RANDOM EXAMPLE of one small part of the internationally famous and highly glamorous HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME!

There are giant holes are in the sidewalk where an adult person could EASILY fit the entire lower part of their leg. I have no idea how the city isn’t sued every single day.

In 1978, it only took ONE famous person to step in and fix the Hollywood sign. The sign was falling apart and covered in graffiti. Hugh Hefner asked famous people to contribute, and they did. The Hollywood sign was fixed and remains in fantastic condition to this day.

I had HOPES that just ONE celebrity would step in and help rejuvenate this town that is the symbol of the film industry, acting, television, music… – Basically all of ENTERTAINMENT for almost everyone in the world. That has not happened.

I tagged celebrities in my posts. I wrote letters and sent emails. 


I offered to volunteer for The Hollywood Business Improvement District people. I contacted the mayor. 


I contacted the media. Local news, national news Hollywood papers and magazines. 


I even came up with a few SOLID ideas of how to solve some major issues with low-cost! Simple/easy common-sense solutions.  

I have tried to bring attention to this and otherwise done what small things any individual citizen can do. 

BUT, to quote a song- You have to know when to hold ’em… and know when to fold ’em”

At this point I am just shouting into the wind.

So- You win, Hollywood!

You have earned your reputation as a place that crushes people!

Bohemian Rhapsody

Way before the movie came out, I had noticed that Bohemian Rhapsody was one of the most-covered songs I came across online.


I THINK it’s the same reason we landed men on the moon. Not because it is easy… but because it is hard!

So – We will start with the original, and them move into ‘more interesting’ territory. I don’t expect you to get through them ALL… the mandatory videos are listed in RED LETTERS!



Of COURSE I have to include WAYNE’S WORLD!


SAME GUY that did the SOAD cover.. but this time.. in 42 STYLES!



REAL video of a DRUNK in a POLICE CAR!

REAL video of a TODDLER in MOMMY’S CAR! 


Bohemian Chanukah!

Bohemian Rhapsody Flashmob


Hayseed Dixie [country version]

WHAT? Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen & Nuno Bettencourt? YEP!




WHATEVER THIS IS [deeply weird] 

Literal [spoken word]


String + Piano Cover – Brooklyn Duo ft. Dover Quartet

Canto BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY imitando voces y esto pasa

Zac Brown Band

Spontaneous @ a Green Day concert

Lake Street Dive




Sons of Anarchy: Bohemian Rhapsody – The Forest Rangers

Ohio University Marching Band

Jennifer Nettles



Tom Green Sheriff’s Office – [bad. just… bad] Lip Syncing


It’s NOT Queen… but it is an AMAZING cover I ran across a couple of weeks ago.

I love this.

*** WATCH ***

Six-String Soldiers – Wish You Were Here – Acoustic Cover



I originally posted this on the @HollywoodWalk Instagram accountbut now I see they are blocking/hiding/limiting ANY posts that use the hashtag #heroin so I am posting it here.

Basically it is just a rant. I saw a sign in Rite Aid that said you can get Naloxone without a prescription and thought it was interesting. I started typing out a small caption… and that turned into a rant that went until Instagram would no longer accept any more characters in the post! So- Here it is…


I have NO idea what I am talking about here, but actually – this [making Naloxone easy to get] seems like a step in the right direction. Maybe, just MAYBE someone won’t have to bury their brother or son or mother or best friend. 

It’s easy to say “I have no sympathy! They did this to themselves!” ..and it is easy to think of drug addicts as a bunch of dirty hoodlums who don’t contribute to society…. UNTIL it is your 12 year old daughter or 80 year old aunt or your father or best friend.

If you think YOU are ‘above’ narcotic addiction, you are absolutely right… until you aren’t.

People make stupid mistakes all the time. Unfortunately, opiates are the mistake that keeps on taking. It will take away everything and then: it will take away MORE. And just when you are done burning every relationship you ever had, losing your job, stealing your own child’s lunch money, slamming your fingers in a car door so you MIGHT get a prescription and taking medication from the bathroom cabinet of someone dying of cancer…. THEN: you get sick!

IMAGINE the worst parts of every sickness you have ever had. The worst flu… diarrhea.. vomiting… sweating and freezing… fluids coming from every orifice… But wait! There’s more! You’ll also get soul-crushing mental anguish and excruciating despair that will not stop. And all of this all has you BEGGING for the third and final act: When the opiates finally put you out of your misery …and they find you 3 days later on your bathroom floor in a puddle of your own feces. [Not to mention ALL the other people you cause to suffer.] Needless to say- It’s a terrible thing… but there IS help.

Tell your best friend what is happening

RIGHT NOW: Make an appointment with a DOCTOR. They WILL help you. In fact- You can just CLICK HERE to get a phone number of someone to help! Tell them it is URGENT.. because IT IS. 

If you are addicted to opiates, YOU CAN STOP THE SUFFERING. You don’t have to go to the hospital or even use vacation time! You can continue to go to work AND hang out with friends and family! AND– Only your BEST FRIEND needs to know what is happening!

Find help BEFORE you find out what “rock bottom” looks like. You will THINK you are at ‘rock bottom’… and then you go WAY deeper. It’s not all ‘cool’ like in the movies…. …but hey! What do I know?

If you have FAMILY or a FRIEND with an opiate addiction, BE COMPASSIONATE. You may not be able to understand the GRAVITY of the THOUGHT of giving up opiates to an addict. It is NOT about being ‘high’. It is ALL about NOT BEING SICK.

If you just want to provide some general help/make a donation I would suggest giving to Music Cares. They have helped many of my friends AND probably all of your favorite bands.


Another Resource for GETTING HELP:

SAMHSA’s National Helpline 

1-800-662-HELP (4357)

SAMHSA’s National Helpline is a free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information service (in English and Spanish) for individuals and families facing mental and/or substance use disorders.

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If I were God

"CHURCH" by Will Pendarvis

If I were God…

…the Universe would be 2-dimensional and drawn in crayon. That is because I am a big dummy and can’t even BEGIN to fathom things like infinity, free-will vs omniscience, string theory.. or even simple division if I have to be honest.

But perhaps, if a great scientist could explain to me the Big Bang as if I were a two-year old.. then I could get it!

Nope. Astrophysicists talk in a language that I can barely wrap my head around. And when I DO wrap my head around it, it makes me physically dizzy.

I was just reading this article from CNET: March 2018 [Stephen Hawking explains what happened before Big Bang ]

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the article:

  • “Ordinary real time is replaced by imaginary time”
  • “Imaginary time behaves like a fourth direction of space”
  • “Imaginary time is a four-dimensional curved surface like the surface of the Earth, but with two more dimensions.”
  • “We should steer clear of aliens entirely”

It all sounds like lyrics from a Pink Floyd song or something. In fact:

Here is Roger Waters with a few final words on the subject. Regardless of your politics or theology or understanding of the nature of the astronomical objects… I’m sure you are capable of appreciating an AMAZING PERFORMANCE!


Star Trek “Set for Stun” is Finally Here!

Did is EARF

We’ve got our flying cars, robots, digital assistants, on-screen telephones, Artificial Intelligence, homes run by computers… but where is our Star Trek “Set for Stun” guns?


Check out this from Popular Mechanics:

The Secret History of Plasma Weapons

…and since the movie is ALWAYS better than the book (or perhaps you are too lazy to THINK or READ) you can watch “the US Navy’s laser weapon in action”!



In addition to the NEWS [below] There is the WILL’s NEWS BLOG!

Here are some recent posts you might have missed if you don’t visit the BLOG on the regular!

How fast – would YOU guess – is a FORMULA 1 pit stop?

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A history of Poop Music

Want to see a businessman attacked by a PIG? Yes. Yes you do. 

They really know how to shoot in Alberta!

Zombie Wasp/Roach

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Your EARS can make you hallucinate


Please donate your OLD SAAB to Will’s News! But-

HERE is a lesson in SAAB for the ill-informed.


How long does a Formula 1 Race car need for a pit stop?

I grew up around racing and cars my whole life, but there are aspects of it that amaze me all the time.

To be honest, I’m more of a NASCAR guy… but you can’t help but be impressed by the Formula 1 pit crew.

So- How long does it take for a pit stop INCLUDING 4 new tires?

YouTube won’t let me embed the video, so SPOILER ALERT:

Sometimes… it takes 1.97 seconds.


Then again… SOMETIMES it takes 1.92 seconds!

…and FINALLY- If you STILL haven’t had enough pit stop action… Check out how they all compare!

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