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A note about Alzheimer’s & Aging & Love

Recently, the mother of my friend Tony Hawk passed away. She had Alzheimer’s. It’s something I know a little bit about. When I was a teen, my great grandmother with Alzheimer’s lived with us. It’s extremely difficult to watch someone lose their entire life. It was even more difficult on my mom who is the saint who had to undress, bathe, dress, and take her to the bathroom. (and SO much more)

BUTThe video below is different. It touches on these things.. but in the end- It will leave you with some perspective on your own life.

Do yourself a favor. It’s only 10 minutes.. and it will have an impact on how you view all those trivial things that seem SO important right now.

Pendarvis wrote this!
Pendarvis wrote this!

Everything about POOP you ever wanted to know.

How does your POOP measure up?

It’s really the only thing you do alone… and you can’t really compare battle stories with friends and family… so you MIGHT be doing something completely INSANE every time you poop, and you wouldn’t even know!

What do other cultures do? If you are at a party and need to poop, should you? On a date? On a FIRST date? At a job interview? Let’s answer all those questions and more!

I mean- You wouldn’t want to do something embarrassing when you’re alone in the bathroom, would you?

The Great American Poop-Off!

Let’s start off with the AMERICAN TOILET CONSENSUS so you can compare all aspects of your poop with what Americans consider ‘normal’.

The WORLD of Poop

Next… Let’s look at HOW PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD poop with these two stories:

…and the LEFTOVERS!

Are my living room urinals mounted too high?
QUESTION FOR THE ROOM: Are my living room urinals mounted too high?