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When I was bit younger, during Reagan’s deregulation of media ownership/killing of the Fairness Doctrine… I took a fishing trip with a local guy who had taken an interest in politics. His name: Jeff Sessions.

I tried to slip into casual conversation how deregulation would mean lower quality radio and loss of countless jobs.. and REALLY the loss of an artform.

Deaf ears. 

Check out THIS ARTICLE from Dick Taylor to find out why your local radio station sucks. The short story: ENORMOUS corporations bought everything and squeezed every penny out of it until it was dead.

“I’ve always believed that what happened in the halls of my radio stations were transmitted out, over-the-air, to the listener. We transmitted so much more than just the music we played, the news we delivered, and the entertainment we provided. We transmitted an intangible spirit that was contagious and attracted loyal listeners.”

Dick Tayor

via Automation Killed the Radio Star